Teacher’s Day

By in Scribble on September 3, 2012

My favourite quote on Teaching:

Teaching is like getting paid for learning.

And other, may be little harsh, but true for many teachers:

We (Teachers), generally teach students what we know, instead of teaching them what they should know.

Many times, teaching happens, learning also happens, but, ‘education’ doesn’t happen. For me, everyday, teaching is getting little difficult. May be I am not able to understand students, or not able to innovate sufficiently, as I used to do earlier.

To keep the teacher alive inside, it is must, that I innovate new ways of teaching. Else, I will be doing injustice to the students.

I wish, all my students a very happy teachers day. Why not, they have been my best teachers.

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    Appreciate your thoughts on trying to be the idealistic teacher. You can go through my experiences here http://trishanka.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/remembering-my-teachers/

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