To-Do or Not To-Do

By in Uncategorized on December 3, 2012

To-Do lists scare me. Even if I start writing one, I am sure I will intentionally and consciously miss upon several things, I do not want to do. These might have already become a top priority, like accounts. Anyway, long ago somebody advised me to maintain a To-Do list and become more organised. I started one, but soon forgot where I saved or kept that to-Do list. Also, personally, I find fun in chaos. Organised day and life style do not motivate me.

I have a simple formula here: “Do all things first that you do not like, then all the remaining time is for the things you love.” I have been telling this to my daughter and students both. But wait, I myself do not follow this. Who the hell, would like to start the day with doing things that are not liked?



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    This is a tough one for sure. I know I can easily pick out all of the tasks on my to-do lists that I will try and put off because they’re not fun or easily accomplished. I have gotten better about jumping straight in and knocking them off right away, but you do need to temper it with some breaks or moment of enjoyment to entice you to keep going.

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