I was the part of audience today at the conference / seminar / discussion (whatever you call it), which was organised at British Council, New Delhi and focused on Design Education. Poster below,

During the discussion many questions were raised by audience and panel as well. I have tried to pen down as many questions as I could remember and think were worthwhile.

1. What steps design educators take to ensure that they are well-informed and aware always?

2. Every year a different set of students enter design education, with the changed set, do educators also change?

3. ‘Sustainability’ is a big issue and concern for Design Institutes in India. What measures Design Institutes take to ensure that this pressure do not adversely affect the design education?

4. The fact that there is a paucity of Design Educators in India. How do institutes plan to address this issue?

5. Do Designers in profession or practice make better educators? If yes, what are institutes doing to ensure more participation from such in Design Education?

6. With globalization, what steps are institutes or educators taking to ensure International exposure to the students?

Design is highly subjective and it will be injustice to students and education to expect or make it objective by giving all the importance to the ‘end product’. It is also very important for us, educators, that we make students understand ‘subjectivity’ as a term.  Students shall learn to reject their own ideas and look at them from an outsider’s perspective.

To be continued..