Large file sizes and higher loading time of presentations might be due to heavier images in the presentations. Now that most of the teaching and learning, product presentations, idea presentations are happening using Microsoft PowerPoint, it is must that we know how to make these presentations lighter in size. I assume most of us already are aware about compressing images in PowerPoint. Here I will talk about Libre Office, the free and open source productivity suite.

I am using Libre office, which is a free and open – source tool and it let’s me do most of the things that I would do using Microsoft Office.

Libre Office can be downloaded from here.

This post is about making your presentations lighter in Libre Office and thus making them easy to share over Internet.

In Microsoft Powerpoint, there is an option where you can “compress” images in the presentation and save the lighter version. But, Libre Office does the same thing in different way.

In Libre Office they call it “Presentation Minimizer”. This tool can be located under “Tools > Minimize Presentation”. A wizard opens (image below) which does much more than Microsoft PowerPoint’s “Compress” tool. It doesn’t only let you reduce and decide the quality of images, delete cropped areas, but it also provides you a summary where you can compare the size of presentation before and after compression.

Compress images in Libre Office

Presentation Minimizer

Try it. 🙂