Here are some quick and easy steps to become a photographer:

1) Buy a DSLR camera (as expensive as you, I mean your parents can afford).

2) Get some pictures of yourself clicked with the camera. Ensure, minimum 50% space for your camera in the picture.

3) Set it as your DP (Display Picture) on all social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and reactivate your account on Orkut (yes, it still exists).

4) Update and include “Photographer” in your bio everywhere, even on LinkedIn. There random people recommend you for random skills.

5) Spend some time creating your signature, which will go on all photographs your camera clicks.. err..YOU click..spend more time rather (than actually clicking photographs).

6) Create a page on Facebook. It is free. Yay!

7) Shamelessly invite (force, make it compulsory, beg)  all your friends to ‘Like’ your page. Do not worry, there is no ‘Dislike’ button yet.

8) Promote your post. It is cheap as low as INR 280.00..get likes from thousands of people..

That’s all..there is no 9th and 10th step.

And, there you are.. a famous photographer..


Winters are one season we eagerly look forward to every year. ‘We’ includes all of us in the family, my close and distant friends and I am sure many many Delhiites. If you thought winters were over this year, you were wrong. Bing Weather App says it was 6 Deg. Cel. at around 8: 30 a.m. today. Also, we woke up to a lovely foggy weather outside where visibility was very low. Trees, lamp posts, people, vehicles every thing was only partially visible. Stylish and colourful woolens, ginger tea, hot steaming street food, shopping in crowded bazaars, everything is lovely about the winters in Delhi.

I feel blessed and lucky to be in Delhi in this weather.

Some pictures:

We are surrounded by so many patterns. Where most see trash, few see ideas. Everything around us is an inspiration. An inspiration to create and to innovate. Following are some pictures of drawing boards at an architecture institute in India. Amazing to see, what students left behind unknowingly.

This picture was taken in New Delhi today.


This was shot in evening with Blackberry 9700. I had posted some pictures of Lodhi Gardens earlier.

Lodhi Gardens New Delhi


India Gate. New Delhi

India Gate. New Delhi