My wish is to travel across India, before I die. I prefer travelling by train over road or air. Air is my last priority. One gets to see the real India on stations, in second class railway compartments and more in general class. Of course there is India which is also. traveling by upper class (air-conditioned, three-tier and above). But, majority of India travels by general class and sleeper class and many times without reservations and tickets. Some pictures from my last travel:


Winters are one season we eagerly look forward to every year. ‘We’ includes all of us in the family, my close and distant friends and I am sure many many Delhiites. If you thought winters were over this year, you were wrong. Bing Weather App says it was 6 Deg. Cel. at around 8: 30 a.m. today. Also, we woke up to a lovely foggy weather outside where visibility was very low. Trees, lamp posts, people, vehicles every thing was only partially visible. Stylish and colourful woolens, ginger tea, hot steaming street food, shopping in crowded bazaars, everything is lovely about the winters in Delhi.

I feel blessed and lucky to be in Delhi in this weather.

Some pictures: