This was shot in evening with Blackberry 9700. I had posted some pictures of Lodhi Gardens earlier.

Lodhi Gardens New Delhi


India Gate. New Delhi

India Gate. New Delhi



This was my first ever visit to Kolkata, capital of West Bengal, managed some time out of busy schedule to click some pictures and relish upon mouth-watering delicacies. Kolkata is colourful, vibrant, active, lively but a dirty place. Here are some pictures:

Some pictures from Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi.Lodhi Gardens - FlowersLodhi gardensLodhi Gardens - New DelhiLodhi Gardens - New DelhiFlowers - Lodi Gardens - New Delhi

Pondicherry gandhi Statue

Pondicherry - Gandhi Statue

Many statues otherwise are installed on high pedestals making it ‘untouchable’ for common people. I quiet liked this one, of Mahatma Gandhi at Puducherry, where everybody could touch it, sit besides it, play with it and walk around it.